Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Guide to Upasana

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Sri Bala is the commanding deity of all siddhis(Supernatural Mystic, Psychic and all divine powers). The siddhas of tamil nadu got all beneficiaries by worshiping bala. in bala dharan yanthram. Sri bala must be worshiped,meditated before and at sunrise and sunset during japa. White lotus , White flowers with fragrance and kumkumam made from turmeric must be used for archana. Bala must be meditated as having a japa mala book vara and abhaya hastha with red colour of rising sun.Bala manthra japa will give oratorical poetical powers personal magnetism and all worldly desires and ultimate freedom from bondage. to get oratorical powers one should wear a mala made of nuts of white lotus after a considerable number of bala manthra japa. A bala upasaka must develop a high degree of memory power. the sequence of bala upasana is as follows 1. Bala Manthra japa, 2 Bala Kavacha 3. Bala Vasekarana manthra. If one worships bala in a ynathra engraved in white sandlawood, for forty five days, they can get eminence. Bala upasaka must always chant the bala manthra mentally, After bath and japa of bala manthra under a aswatha tree before and at sun rise one can get manthra siddhi bala must be worshiped at sandhya kala, with manthra thanthra secret Archana.

Navagraha Peetahara Sthothra :

             This Sthothra mala will remove the malefic effects of planets and will give benefits.One Should read the sthothra of one's dasanathan first and read the sthothra of the graha representing the day, and read all sthothra once. By this one can get the good graceof the Navagrahas.

Yaga Sala Japam:

             An Upasaka must be present in the place where a havan (Homam) is conducted for propitiating his devatha of upasana(or Upasana deity ). Japa Perfomed in that place will be definitely fruitful.

Japamala - Rudhraksha Mala :
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Guruve Sharanam

This Song represents how a guru should be. A teacher, A philosopher, A friend, And above all A MOTHER. I tried to express the feel in the song. this song can be dedicated to anyone's Guru. It will suit as good as it gets.Finally to all Enjoy the Blessings of your guru share his power of knowledge with everyone and get the shower of kindness over all on the mother earth.
The Visual Presentation of this song was taken during 1 lakh Avarthi jayadurga homam held at padappai in our peetam on the occasion of guru jayanthi.

நன்றாக குரு வாழ்க குருவே துணை.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guru Peyarchi

நன்றாக குரு வாழ்க குருவே துணை 

 This Sunday on 8th of May, The Guru Peyarchi is going to happen. Now Guru is moving from Meena (Pisces) to Mesha (Aries). 8th May . 2011 as per Vakkiya Panchang and 6th May. 2011 as per Thirukanitha (Mathematical) Panchang.

Guru Peyarchi effect for each rasi (frm 8.5.2011 - 17.5.2012) will be as follows:
Mesham (Aries)    - Health deteriorate.. Diseases Galore.. Problem in Family... Income increase during second half. Guru has come to your house. Janma Guru. Need to be very careful with your health. Problem within family. Income = Expenses. After 21.12.2011 to 16.5.2012, with the help of Shani, you can breath better. People of Mesha must do some Guru pariharas to reduce the effect to a tolerable level..  .

Rishabam (Taurus) - Expenses mount, Its double trouble:: Guru will be in 12th sthanam (Viraya Sthanam), expenses will increase beyong your reach. Loss in business or problem with superior are on the cards. Mainly the entire guru peyarchi period will make you spend on useless things and/or unnecessary expenses. -

Mithunam (Gemini)    - Guru Bring Cheers .. kanna, innoru laddoo thinna aasaiyaa?: Unlike last year (2010-11), when Guru was in 10th house (Jeevana Sthanam) you might have had a troublesome life, this year Guru Peyarchi (May 2011) will bring cheers to your life, as guru is moving to 11th house (Labha Sthanam). Profits increases, Promotions & increments are on cards. Movable & immovable things on your way. . 
Katagam (Cancer)     - Life & Career at Stake (Risky year ahead) ::  Guru will be in 10th sthanam (Jeevana Sthanam), you may have tough time in running your family. Problem for employees. Problem for businessman. Without Parihara and prayers to Guru , life will become miserable.  

Simham (Leo)   -  Profit first, Prudence later: Unlike last year (2010-11), when Guru was in 8th house (Ashtama Guru, Ayul Sthanam) your health deteriorates, stumble in every attempt & expenses were beyond reach. Now, Guru has come to 9th place (Bhakya Sthanam) which will bring profits and rewards. Also, long pending subha kariyam is in the offing. Many good things are on the cards.

Kanni (Virgo) - Health deteriorate.. Relationship sore.. Expense mount::  Astama Guru (Guru in eight place) which is your ayul Stanam is not good especially for your health. Medical expenses will mount. Life is at risk for few. Relationship will take a beating.  Better be insured as early as possible. Again we request people who born in Kanni (virgo) to appease Guru either through chanting Guru gayatri or by doing pariharas.   - 

Thulam (Libra) - Blissful happy time ahead: Unlike last year (2010-11), when Guru was in 6th house (Roha Sthanam) you might have had diseases, aches, peaceless life with shortage of money. Now, Guru is going to 7th House (Kalathra Sthanam) life will be more blissful and exultant 

Viruchigam (Scorpio)  -Diseases Galore, Medical expenses mount, Shortfall in funds:: Guru in 6th place (Roha Sthanam) is not good especially for your health. Diseases galore. New disease will come. Medical expenses will mount. Worries multiply. Relationship sore. Friends will become foe.  Better be insured as early as possible. Guru Pariharam, prayers are a must. 

Dhanur (Sagittarius)  - Delightful & distinguished year ahead.  : The year gone by (2010-11), when sore relationship with extended family members, moderate income, reputation plummeted since guru was in 4th house (Thai Veedu). Now he has come to 5th house (Poorva punya / Puthra Sthanam) you are going to add one more member to your family and income will increase beyond expectation. Delightful year ahead. Just Enjoy…

Makaram (Capricon)  - Better than Last year but not the best one.: Guru (Jupiter) in 4th house (Thai veedu) is not all that good and not very bad either as you had already passed a quiet year. Income will slightly increase. Relationship may not be ideal, but improved a lot. Mother's health will have a beating.

Kumbam (Aquarius)  - Unimpressive and multiple failures. Defeat in attempts. : Guru in 3rd place (Sahothara Sthanam) is not good especially in business and career. Less Money inflow, hurdles in attempts, Career loss. Worries multiply. Relationship sore.  

Meenam (Pisces)   - Its 50 Fifty ::: Better first half; bad in the second. Unlike last year (2010-11), when Guru was in Janma sthanam you might had sleepless worry-some nights, Expenses were beyond reach, diseasespeaceless life with shortage of money. Now, Guru is coming to 2nd  House (Dhana Sthanam) where you can earn more and cover the loss suffered last year. -

Please Note: Eventhough, Guru stays in a rasi for approximately a year, he used to take advance course (adhissaram) and come back again. But he is not taking an re-course  and come back to Meena Rasi (Pisces) after 8th May 2011.
Hence, almost all Guru peyarchi predictions this time is published for a limited period. i.,e. 21st nov. 2010 to 7th May 2011. Guru will be in Mesha from 7th may 2011 to May 2012. Hence, predictions will be updated during april 2011. 

(Note : The Above written article was taken by search on Internet. மேலே குறிபிட்டுள்ள அனைத்தும் பொதுவான பலனே.தங்களின் ராசிகேற்ப பலன்களை தெரிந்த ஜோசியர் மூலம் அறியவும்.)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Guide to Upasana

Guru : The Primordial Deepam.

       The Guru occupies an eminent place in manthra yoga; he is identified with the manthra and the Devata. The first invocation is to the guru who initiated the sadhaka. Guru is brahma, vishnu siva or maheshwara and Supreme brahman.

       The Ordinary mortal is a lamp without a wick and oil. Guru lights the lamp by initiating him into manthra yoga with upasana: he lifts the sadhaka on the spiritual ladder.

Engraving of Yanthras :

    For each devata or manthra there is a corresponding yanthra. Yanthra is the body and manthra is the soul. Every upasaka will have a yanthra for worship or for pooja. the yanthras are engraved in sandalwood plank,copper silver, or gold plate. yanthras engraved in Gold is 100 times effective than one engraved on copper. it is easy and good when the yanthras are made from sandalwood. there should not be any defect with sandal wood.

Sri Bala is the first Goddess in Sakthism:

    In days gone by, everyone  will be initiated into Bala manthra, and upasana. at the time of upanayan ceremony. Nowadays the sandhya vandhana its self is on loose sands. a deplorable situation the Brahmin community should take note of , according to the siddhas, Sri bala is goddess of eight years old.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

மௌன சாதனை

ஓம் குரு பிரம்மா குருர் விஷ்ணோ குருர் தேவோ மகேஸ்வரா,
குரு சாக்ஷாத் பரப் பிரம்மா தஸ்மை ஸ்ரீ குருவே நம:

     மௌனம் என்பது ஒரு மனிதனுடைய உள்ளத்தைப் பரிசுத்தப்படுத்தி ஆத்மாவை தெய்வத்துடன் சாட்சாத்காரம் ஆக்கும் இயல்புடையது."மௌனம் சர்வார்த்த சாதகம்" என்று வடமொழியிலே சொல்லுவார்கள். மௌனம் மற்ற எல்லாக் காமனைகளையும் கொண்டு வந்து சேர்க்கும் ஒரு பேரு வழியாக இருக்கிறது. மௌனம் இதுவரை நம்மை வந்து அடையாத பல்வேறு வகையான் சித்திகளை சுமந்து வந்து சேர்க்கும் பெருங்கலனாக விளங்குகின்றது. மௌனம் எல்லாத் தடைகைளையும் நீக்கி - முத்தடைகளையும் நீக்கி, அவைகளுக்குரிய காரணங்களையும் நீக்கி, மௌனம் இருப்பவனை எல்லா வகையிலும் நலம் பெற்றவனாக ஆக்கும் ஒரு பெரும் துணைவனாக விளங்குகின்றது.

      மௌனத்தை விட ஒரு சிறந்த விரதமே உலகத்தில் கிடையாது. மற்ற விரதங்கள் எல்லாம் ஒன்றொன்றும் ஒன்றொன்றை மட்டுமே செய்து முடிக்கும் இயல்புடையதாக இருக்கும். பசியை அடக்கினால் வயிறு சுத்தமடைகிறது, ரத்தம் சுத்தமடைகிறது என்ற நிலையிலேயே பட்டினி விரதங்கள் பலன் தருகின்றன. ஆனால் மௌனமானது எல்லா இந்த்ரியங்களையும் அதாவது பஞ்ச இந்த்ரியங்களையும் ஒருநிலைபடுத்தி ஒரே முகமாக நோக்குகின்ற தன்மையை மௌனம் இருப்பவனுக்கு கொடுக்கிறது.
     மௌனம் என்றால் என்ன? மௌனம் மற்ற விரதங்களை விட, மற்ற விரதங்களில் அடைய முடியாததான, மற்ற வழிகளில் எய்த முடியாததான ஒரு பெரும் வெற்றியைக் கொண்டு வந்து சேர்ப்பதுதான் மௌனம். மௌனம் என்றால் பேசாமல் இருப்பது என்பது பொதுச் செய்தி ......


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vakrathunda Ganapathi

The Above listed upadhesam was written by our Guru Srila Sri Durgai Siddhar.

Guruve Sharanam

Upasana Kulapathi Srila sri Durgai Siddhar

நன்றாக குரு வாழ்க குருவே துணை.

The Saying by our blessing guru srila sri Durgai Siddhar is doing miracles in everybody's life.

Lives which are born on mother earth should survive according to their karma and purva punya. The lead to understand what is our karma and purva punya should be guided by a person named GURU (means "Shows the right path"). It is very hard to find a right person as guru and even its not in our hand to choose the right person which am going to get, will take me to the end of the world by all means of my karma and my soul, .

When you get a final option to choose a person, Go for it. Don't think or take any decision in dilemma because it is your last chance. Some people according to their philosophy and dharma, they say you can change your guru with his permission (it may be right)but for my aspect it is something like, giving the baby a chance to choose its mother for recognizing the world of knowledge. How can you switch your mother instead of the previous one. Don't even think about it.

A new born baby will cry at the very next moment it came out because of change of climate and place. the same way a shishya who is like a new born to the guru will have so many doubts and queries will cry like a baby to solve them. being a matured mother a guru will take initial step to make the kid understand the problem and solve what is actually important at the moment. The methodology of solving the issue is called Upasana. The one who solves using the ways which his guru taught was Upasaka.

However the upasana and the upasaka can vary in so many terms but just to explain it in a simple way. The Sishya will be called as upasaka, the subject which taught by his guru will be upasana.

The day when a human born, he will be accompanied by three things namely, karma,gnana,yoga. which will not come in his life until he search them are Gnana and Yoga. but as far as Karma is concerned it will stick on to you it won't leave even if you leave this mother earth. So to leave the karma, one should lead a spiritual life and live according to dharma and should do your duty assigned to you. To know what is your duty you need a person to tell you, he is none other than your Guru.